History of Christian Missions

History of Christian Missions

In order to move ahead, we first need to look backwards–here is a brief overview of the last 2000 years of Christian Mission.

0-100 Jesus, Pentecost and Paul

Life beyond comfort which brought the Gospel to the whole world through an incarnational approach.

100-500 – Patrick

That means the Romans, Goths, Celts and heretics!

500-1000 – Methodius

Mass Conversions, Monastics and Papal Missions

1000-1500 AD – Las Casas

Institutional Expansion and Internal Conflict

1500-1800 AD – Ricci

Reformation, Exploration and Contextualization

1800 – 1915 – Carey

Colonialism, Commercial expansion, Cultural transformation and Christian mission–the “Golden Age of mission” focused on global interiors

1915-2005 – Jim Rayburn

Post colonial, postmodern, indigenous and market segmented Para-ministries outside the walls and auspices of the institutional church.