NextToLead, established in 2007, provides the resources necessary to equip, encourage, and launch the next generation of missional leaders.

On this website, you will discover resources, blogs, and links that focus on encouraging, equipping and launching the next generation of missional leadership.

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Dr. Daniel BB Lewis, founder of NextToLead Inc., is optimistic about the millennial generation. He is a big fan of emerging leaders: business and missional, paid and volunteer.

Dan partners with ministries locally and globally through his work leading a foundation for the past 10 years. Prior to that, he spent 21 years on staff with YoungLife and focused his dissertation studies on gaining, training, and retaining emerging missional leaders. Dan is also a leadership and business professor at Asbury Theological Seminary and the Howard Dayton School of Business at Asbury University and speaks at seminars and conferences around the country.

Latest Posts

Money, Possessions, and Eternity by Randy Alcorn

What does the Bible really say about money? This completely revised and updated version of the classic best-seller provides a Christian perspective about money and material possessions based on the author's painstaking study of the Bible. Randy Alcorn uses the Scriptures to approach this often touchy subject head-on. Thought-provoking arguments challenge readers to rethink their [...]

Bible Study Links

These Bibles studies have been proven to be beneficial is strengthening marriages, raising responsible children, and developing a strong heart for what God says about money and business. Navigating Your Finances God's Way Set Your House in Order Money and Marriage God's Way Business God's Way

Personality Tools

Here are some tools to help discover your leading style and how you interact with others. DiSC Spiritual Gifts Crown Other paid assessments