Time I: Inside Sabbath & Rest

Prior to the creation of time as we know it, God already was! God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit were in perfect Communion as Jesus recalled in his last earthly prayer in John 17. Prior to the beginning, God; Father, Son and Spirit were at rest and out of the rest they created and formed all things. The bookend of that beautiful orchestration of creation of spaces, systems and inhabitants was another period of rest, Sabbath. It is here in rest that we begin our journey expressing our full confidence in the author of all that we pause, in stillness and rest and know that He is God and establish a sacred rhythm for our three year education experiment ahead. We inhale before we exhale and for many of us we start life with a little prodding needed to help us begin by taking in. As we learn to establish that rhythm of breathing we proclaim the very name of the grand rhythm maker – (breathe in and say) Yah – (breath out and say) Weh!


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