NextToLead, established in 2007, provides the resources necessary to equip, encourage, and launch the next generation of missional leaders.

On this website, you will discover resources, blogs, and links that focus on encouraging, equipping and launching the next generation of missional leadership.

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Dr. Daniel BB Lewis, founder of NextToLead Inc., is optimistic about the millennial generation. He is a big fan of emerging leaders: business and missional, paid and volunteer.

Dan Lewis is the Executive Director of The River Foundation, the giving arm of First Southern Family of Companies. The River Foundation specifically invests in ministries orbiting around three movements: God and Money, God and Culture and God and Life. Dan has connected deeply with pro-life ministries within the Commonwealth of Kentucky and nationally.

Dan has a BS in Economics and Business Administration from Ursinus College, a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Missiology with a focus on Emerging Missional Leadership Development from Asbury Theological Seminary. Prior to joining the River Foundation in 2008, Dan had a 21-year career with Young Life in New Jersey, Florida and Kentucky.

Dan is also a lecturing professor at Asbury University at the Howard Dayton School of Business and an affiliate professor at Asbury Seminary in the Christian Leadership Department. He spends a lot of his free time coaching young missional leaders throughout central Kentucky and resourcing them through his website Dan hails from South Jersey but is a Kentucky Colonel having lived in the commonwealth for 18 years. He and Mary, an RN at the University of Kentucky Hospital, have been married for 28years, live in Wilmore, KY, and have two adult children, Bonnie and James.

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