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Asbury Theological Seminary 7-Minute Seminary: Translating the Gospel into Adolescent Culture

Bruce McNicol and John Lynch

Vapor Sports

Audrey McElveen

Micah McElveen

Richard Samuel

Ichthus FSNB Live2Give Presentation

Ichthus Interview Part 1

Ichthus Interview Part 2

Ichthus Interview Part 3

Donna Covington Interview Part 1

Donna Covington Interview Part 2

Duane Brown Interview Part 1

Duane Brown Interview Part 2

SCORE International Baseball Outreach in the Dominican Republic

CCL Interview with Christian Nkulikyiye from Vapor Sports in Haiti


I interviewed Dr. Coleman earlier this year for a Fuller Seminary Class and YoungLife Training on Equipping Volunteers who lead. The interviews are broken down into 8 modules, each focussed on the corresponding chapter in the book. This book is still the gold standard on a Biblical overview of leadership training. Click here to go to Vimeo to view the interviews.

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