Youth Leader Tent at Ichthus 2011

Thursday – re:awaken — Youth Ministry Starts with YOU!

Friday – re:think — Unlocking the Millennial Maze

Saturday – re:create — Gaining and Training…Not Just Entertaining

First Alliance Church Lexington Adult Sunday School series on Jesus in the Workplace

Ever wonder what the basic theology of the church is? Much of how we lead can come from our own theological backgrounds and perspectives. I would challenge who to think about where you fall in the broad spectrum of Christian Theology.

Here is a tool to learn about the different core beliefs of each “sect” of Christianity. Take a look and spend some time reflecting on what it says and what you have read in the Bible–our ultimate authority for Christian Theology.

Enjoy the weekend and keep up the great work.

Calvin vs. Wesley


Presentation to the YoungLife Northeast Division YoungLife College town Area Directors on December 8, 2011 in Baltimore, MD  Click below to view the Power Point.

Servant Leadership, Personal Finances, and Discipleship

Three essentials in Equipping Volunteers who Lead:

1) GAIN— if we recruit then it is a conditional relationship and on us to keep the volunteer,  if we Gain who God is calling to minister then we merely keep blowing wind in their sails to keep them on course to serve God.

2) TRAIN  – the world is not short of Christian Leadership Content but its the end in mind of training that matters — is it about Standard Operating Procedure and Reflexive Leadership, equipping them to do greater things  as well as a succession plan or is it to make sure the “your” metrics can be met by “your” volunteer workers?

3) SUSTAIN – retaining leaders sounds like it is defensive, sustaining leaders sounds like you are serving, thanking and encouraging them to flourish!


Presentation given at Summit 2018 in Colorado on God and money and the three lenses in which we see money.

The Three Lenses:

  1. Scientific/Political
  2. Sociological
  3. Theological