I’m Back

I am finally gearing up for a new year here on Next 2 Lead.

I hope that you—the next generation of leaders—will find helpful information on this blog. My goal is to set up those of you who are out in the world, making a difference for the Kingdom of God as Christ followers, with the tools and knowledge that I have gained over my years in ministry.

This blog is not about me. I firmly believe that my role is not to create followers of me, but to set others up so that they can continue following the Lord long after I am gone. In many ways I feel like David knowing that your generation—like Solomon— will build The Temple.

What can you expect in the following months? Hopefully, you will find consistent content that will be both encouraging and informational that all relates to serving the Lord. The goal for Next 2 Lead is to have a monthly post by me, a biweekly video of me interviewing some of the great Christian leaders and thinkers, and then a monthly Ministry Highlight that will showcase a ministry and the Kingdom work they are doing.

I hope you will join me these next few months as we try to seek after God and figure out what it means to be the “next to lead.”

Keep up the great work.

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