Launching the Next2Lead Blog

Pass on what you heard from me to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2

 This launch day has been brewing for quite some time, perhaps my whole adult life.  Finding the right medium to express thoughts that have been internally percolating is not easy these days because the choices are so vast.

I’ve written the Master’s thesis on Missional Leadership training for college age students. I’ve written the dissertation on the process of gaining, training and retaining the next generation of missional leaders. I have written the manual on how to be prepared to lead.  I have given college chapels, leadership seminars for various Para churches, break out sessions at Christian festivals and talks to youth groups.  I spent 22 years on the field with YoungLife more than half of it focused on developing college leadership and Student Staff in Florida and Kentucky. My studies of Military, McRestaurants and MLB unveiled principles of leadership development that were highly translatable to the Missional expression of Christ’s church.
 All this talk is not a backhanded way to brag but merely a recollection that this “stuff” is regularly in my head, its what compels me, delights me and in many ways defines me and I am looking for a way, at this point in my life to express it.

So I enter the World Wide Web world to post my thoughts with appropriate expectations that none of this will be “next great thing” but merely a way for me to express what internally moves me.  It is my “causal expression” – that will be a blog for later.

 One of the hardest exercises in the process so far has been to define what I am about in a web address.  It is far more concise than a thesis statement or mission statement. It is distilling expressive essence down to what becomes my global portal calling card.

Therefore, Next2Lead is my electronic journal – the blank canvas on which to unload 25 years of thought.  To manage my expectations and those of anyone who might read, I hope to post twice a month.  Eventually the blog will be accompanied by a web page, www.nexttolead.com . I own the name, and am building the sight to be a place to upload some of my training materials and teaching power points on leadership which some have requested over the years. In addition, I hope that it will be a place to promote others who are doing great work and to be an estuary teaming with life in which good solid interchange can happen between the emergent and the incumbent leaders.

Since I left Young Life staff two years ago, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by everyday saints– Jesus followers–who are doing amazing Kingdom work as they live out their causal expression.  This will be a natural place where their work can be highlighted as well.

If you have clicked on the link, you notice that it is not up yet, it is indeed “under construction”. My hope is to launch it with a post this month that highlights a History of Missional Leadership including Saints like Patrick, who’s feast day is today!

 I find it fitting to launch the blog and website on St. Patrick’s day.  He was a great missional leader who carried out Jesus’ master plan was to create, shape and train disciples.  His legacy was introducing an entire country to the Christian faith.  If it was possible then, we know its still possible today!  There is probably the next St. Patrick ready to take the missional reigns just waiting to launch.  Hopefully you will be encouraged by the blogs and go on to greater things.  So keep checking in and until the next time …

Keep up the great work!

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